"Vital Exercise for the Body and Mind."
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Teacher training

"Dee's classes are this amazing combination of yoga and deep relaxation in a warm atmosphere of community." - Diana M.


in Boulder Colorado and surrounding areas.

Energy Source Yoga Classes

Enjoy the physical and mental challenge of working your entire body in a complete and balanced manner. Limbering, strengthening, stretching and deep breathing, combined with inner focus and spiritual connectedness. Classes bring together the traditions of yoga science and philosophy with the powerful postures of modern day yoga.

Private Classes

Why should I do private instruction with Dee Marie, Energy Source?
You will get a well rounded and integrated program based on your own individual needs, challenges, and questions. Instruction includes a fusion of yoga science, exercise therapy, sports training, relaxation, meditation and massage.

Dee Marie is unique because she uses her comprehensive and personal experience combined with her extensive educational background.
Dee can develop a customized program for you due to her ability to integrate and use many different body therapies, exercise modalities, and meditation techniques.

The Session: After an in depth evaluation with Dee. She will custom design a program for you. Your session together will include a through warm-up of body awareness and range of motion limbering movements. Next, your session may consist of cardio vascular work or "the yoga of weight lifting" (strength training) if your program design includes these modalities. Yoga postures or simple stretches then balances out the physical workout. Relaxation training is then instructed along with Dee Marie performing hands on bodywork or message of the face, head, neck and shoulders. You are then left in silence for deep relaxation and introspection.

At Home: If you choose to do your own yoga workouts at home. Dee will use drawings and descriptions to write down your individual home program.